SERVER MAINTENANCE Season 8 Work In Progress ...

Dear MU Players,

You may have noticed that the and are now redirecting to our domain. We shall merge all our three servers into a single one having subservers and decided to use ETERNALMU as our main domain name since it suits us best.

After nearly eleven (11) years online we are ready to bring the servers down for a general maintenance and take our time to work over our Season 8 premium server files in order to bring our mu servers back to life.

As you already know, our servers have always been popular and full of players, however due to lack of time and personal reasons we didn't found the dedication to continue managing them during the last year therefore we haven't performed any wipe or updates and the players slowly left which is totally normal and understandable in muonline. We are aware that a lot of you have been waiting for a fresh start during the last year, all the emails and forums posts being a perfect proof for that so the announcement of our server reborn will definetly going to be exciting for everyone.

Please keep in mind there is no estimated time or an exact date on the server reborn so no pressure please, it may take a couple of months and while we were planning to use a S6 Ep3 version we decided for a Season 8 version instead since our premium files are the best.

You can check our MU Server Reborn progress by visiting our forums.

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